Audition & Festival Resources

Awake, Sweet Love practice tracks! (Thanks, Stef!)

Middle School Chorus practice tracks! Thanks, Stef! MS Chorus practice tracks

2018 High School Festival Chorus rehearsal tracks for Cantate Domino:

(thanks, Stef!)

Cantate Domino practice tracks

2017 High School Festival Chorus rehearsal tracks (thanks, Stefanie!)

2017 HS Chorus rehearsal tracks

Vocal Auditions


Waldesnacht resources

thank you, Stefanie!

Jazz Auditions (watch for updates)

10 thoughts on “Audition & Festival Resources

  1. Any materials available for the jazz audition? I believe I heard that the tune was the same as All State, I Could Write a Book? Anything else? Thank you!

    1. Hi Josh. Let me check with Bruce to see what we should have and I’ll get something going. You can also contact him and maybe get what you need more quickly. Thanks for the check-in!

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