Welcome to the Vermont Music Educator’s Winooski Valley District IV Website.  The educators of our district are committed to providing high quality music instruction to K-12 students in Central Vermont.  Opportunities for students to perform in the District IV music festivals help to advance the educational goals and overall mission of our music district.

Who’s in charge

The Winooski Valley Music District hosts three festivals during the school year:

High School Fall Festival

The Thursday & Friday before the week of Thanksgiving.  Held at U-32 High School in Montpelier.  This festival features three high school ensembles: Band, Orchestra, and Chorus

Winter Jazz Festival

The first Thursday & Friday of February.  Held at Harwood High School in Duxbury.  This festival features three ensembles: High School Jazz Band, Middle School Jazz Band, and High School Jazz Chorus.

Middle School Spring Festival

The first Wednesday of April.  This festival is hosted each year at a different district school.  This festival features three middle school ensembles: Band, Orchestra, and Chorus.


Winooski Valley District Handbook

Interested in programs from previous festivals? Check it out here.

Winooski Valley Band Library

Winooski Valley Choral Library

Winooski Valley Jazz Library

To request a piece from any of the libraries go here. Library request


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