Audition Info & Forms

Audition Selections and Guidelines

Festival Rules, Expectations, and Acceptance

Create your own invoice

School Numbers

The handbook for the Winooski Valley District is found on the About page.

HS Audition Rubrics/Forms

Vocal Rubric

Instrumental Rubric

Snare Rubric

Timpani Rubric (right now we’re looking at the Timpani Rudiments, so be aware there might be some small changes. See esp. the Timpani Tuning and Technique Studies found here: All-State Timpani Tuning and Technique Studies)

Mallets Rubric

Jazz Horn Form

Jazz Drum Form

Jazz Rhythm Section Form (Piano, Guitar, Bass)

Auxiliary Percussion Sheet A

Auxiliary Percussion Sheet B

Auxiliary Percussion Sheet C

Auxiliary Percussion Sheet D


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